History of Räyskälä airfield

Räyskälä airfield was established in 1940 during the height of the second world war, however it was never used for war purposes. It remained unused, until Hämeenlinna Aeroclub had to find a replacement for the Parola aerodrome. Räyskälä airfield was cleared of its trees and bushes by volunteers coming from aeroclubs and local villages.

The official first flight was flown on the 15th May 1963. During the same year, the first Gliding Nationals at Räyskälä were held. A year later, in 1964, Räyskälä Foundation was founded to manage the airfield. The Foundation was formed by local aviation clubs, municipalities as well as a few businesses.

Gradually several aviation clubs have called Räyskälä home. Since activity has been growing, Räyskälä has become one of Scandinavia’s busiest general aviation airfield. The main local flight activity in Räyskälä’s sky are gliders and skydivers. However many powered aircraft including ultra lights and model planes as well as paragliders are flying quite frequently as well. Räyskälä airfield is also an important place to training new pilots and skydivers. Local, national and international competitions are held in Räyskälä every year, usually pertaining to gliding.

Today the Räyskälä Aviation Centre is well known and very popular to international aviators.

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