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Official flying season is over at Räyskälä. Cafeteria is open only occassionally.

Small sauna is closed for winter, big sauna is in use only during weekends with normal bathing hours.

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Welcome to Räyskälä

Welcome to the largest sports aviation centre in Finland and Scandinavia. Räyskälä, EFRY, is a very busy place with many different operations working together at any time. We operate in many different types of aviation and offer diverse and challenging flying to pilots and jumpers alike.

World Gliding Championships 2014 in Räyskälä

 Räyskälä hosted the 33rd FAI World Gliding Championships in Club, Standard and 20 meter Classes 22nd June - 6th July 2014

We would like to thank you all who visited us in Räyskälä, we hope you had memorable time. We hope to see you again, you are always welcome!  

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